RIDGID® RP 342-XL Press Tool Allows Contractors To Press Any Material In Every Size

June 1, 2020

One tool. Any material. Every size. Those are the capabilities of the new RIDGID® RP 342-XL Press Tool.

No two jobs are created equal, but the RIDGID RP 342-XL Press Tool is built for them all: Its lightweight design packs major power and boasts the widest range of applications of any press tool. Now you can press ½” to 4” copper, stainless steel and carbon steel pipe, and ½” to 2” PEX pipe – in under 12 seconds and all with one tool.

The lightweight RP 342-XL features QuickSwitch™ technology to quickly switch from Standard to Extended 32kN applications to press 2 ½” to 4” carbon steel. Adding to the tool’s versatility and usefulness on the job, the lightweight RP 342-XL is compatible with the RIDGID full line of Standard 32kN Press Tool accessories, including the StrutSlayr™ Strut Shear Head, Press Snap™ Soil Pipe Cutter and all MegaPress jaws.

“RIDGID has been the industry leader in press technology for decades and our latest innovation, the RP 342-XL Press Tool, continues to set us apart,” said Michael Provenzano, Global Product Manager for Press Connections at RIDGID. “The RP 342-XL offers maximum versatility in all types of materials and sizes that can be pressed with one tool.”

The RP 342-XL is backed by the industry’s leading warranty, and also offers the lowest initial investment for contractors whose goal is to press up to 4” copper, stainless steel and carbon steel pipe. Emerson’s professional tools business, which includes RIDGID as well as the Greenlee and Klauke brands, provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of advanced, reliable tools and technologies for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades globally. Visit emerson.com/professionaltools for more information.