Utility Linemen Work Reaches a New Level with the RIDGID® UC-60 Crimp Head

August 14, 2017
The game-changing RIDGID® RE 6 Cable Termination Tool is now even better with the addition of the UC-60 Utility Crimp Head. Ideal for utility linemen or service crews working on overhead or underground applications, the UC-60 Utility Crimp Head is the fifth interchangeable option for the RE 6.

The UC-60 Crimp Head is designed to crimp copper taps up to 2/0, AL and ACSR taps, stirrups, tension splices up to 4/0 ACSR, compression lugs and splices from #8 – 500MCM Cu/350MCM AL, and service entrances up to 4/0 ACSR. The crimp head comes in two models, each model containing two profiles: Fixed BG and D3 profiles that accept W-Dies or Fixed O and D3 profiles that accept W-Dies.

The RE 6 – a multifunctional, battery-powered single-tool solution for cutting wires, crimping lugs and punching electrical boxes - features a patented QuickChange System™ that incorporates a moveable collar that lets contractors quickly and easily switch between interchangeable heads. Along with the UC-60, other head options include the SC-60C Scissor Cutter Head with ACSR blades, the 4P-6 4PIN™ Dieless Crimp Head, the Swiv-L-Punch Knockout Punch Head, and LR-60B Latching Round Die Crimp Head.

“The great thing about the RE 6 Cable Termination Tool is that users only purchase the heads they need for the work they do. Every case is completely customizable. For utility linemen a great initial set of heads is the UC-60, the SC-60C ACSR, and the 4P-6 4PIN,” said Gina Hartman, RIDGID Global Marketing Manager. “Having a dieless crimping head also prevents users from possibly losing dies and taking up unnecessary tool bag space.”

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