RIDGID® RE 6 Electrical Tool Features 3-in-1 QuickChange System™ for Cutting, Crimping and Punching

October 1, 2014

Innovative New Tool Offers Interchangeable Heads for Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency

RIDGID®, a leading manufacturer of innovative tools and equipment for the professional trades, announces the RE 6 Electrical Tool, its first battery-powered solution specifically for electrical contractors. The new tool offers a 3-in-1 solution for cutting wires, crimping lugs and punching electrical boxes all with a single tool.

The RE 6 Electrical Tool, featuring the patent-pending RIDGID QuickChange System™, incorporates a moveable collar that lets contractors quickly and easily switch between three rugged, interchangeable heads with 360° rotation: the SC-60C Scissor Cutter Head; the 4P-6 4PIN™ Dieless Crimp Head and the PH-60B Knockout Punch Head. The RE 6 eliminates the need to carry multiple, dedicated tools to the jobsite or completely switch from one tool to the next, which increases efficiency and maximizes productivity.

“The RE 6 is going to be a real game changer for electrical contractors looking to save time, save space and reduce the total amount of tools they carry around,” said Christopher Burton, Global Marketing Manager at RIDGID. “Plus, daily tasks are easier than ever since the interchangeable heads don’t require cumbersome dies, inserts or adapters.”

RE 6 Electrical Tool

The new RE 6 Electrical Tool from RIDGID cuts wire, crimps lugs and punches boxes with one tool using the patent-pending RIDGID QuickChange System™. Featuring an inline design for easy, one-handed operation, the RE 6 provides a 6-ton hydraulic force output to cut and crimp up to 750 kcmil (MCM) and punch boxes up to 3.5”. It also includes onboard diagnostics, LED indicators and automatic ram retraction to ensure superior performance.

Interchangeable Heads

  • The SC-60C Scissor Cutter Head allows electrical contractors to cut numerous types of wire without having to switch blades or buy numerous tools. Interchangeable heads are available for either copper/aluminum wire or ACSR. With the appropriate head, contractors can cut up to 750 kcmil (MCM) copper/aluminum building wire and 500 kcmil (MCM) copper flex wire or up to 477 kcmil (MCM) ACSR.
  • The 4P-6 4PIN™ Dieless Crimp Head quickly crimps up to 750 kcmil (MCM) cable. Its slim latching system allows for work in tighter spaces.
  • The PH-60B Knockout Punch Head punches up to 3.5” holes in 12 gauge mild steel and 14 gauge stainless steel and is compatible with knockout punch dies from RIDGID and other manufacturers.